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Topic: Site dev stuff, creative drive

This past week I haven't got as much creative stuff done as I'd have liked. I have ideas and I've downloaded some poses/reference images for when the inspiration actually strikes but I haven't quite been in the right headspace for it. I finished a fanfic that, while not particularly long, was sizable in terms of the effort put in so I've been coasting on that for a few days. Just trying to think up ideas and focusing on resting. Even within this week though, so far my creative output has been super solid for the first month of the year. The only issue is that my time gets split between a couple different projects so progress seems slow from the outside.

I've been thinking for a little while about potentially making a visual novel of some sort. Something small, free, and at just a couple hours of playtime, but I haven't had any good ideas yet. I came to the realization that I don't actually like writing fiction all that much. I love nonfiction and academic writing, but the most fun I have with fiction tends to be playing with "what if" scenarios in fanfic. In all likelihood I won't end up making anything, but there's a chance some idea could pop in my head.

Firefox has been super slow for me lately which is a bit annoying. I've done pretty much everything I can think of but it unfortunately still lags a lot. It's so weird because it seems like it isn't taking up much resources every time I check stuff. Not really sure what's up with it. It's made getting work done a little slower than I'd prefer but I'm hoping it's just a temp thing that'll be fixed by an update eventually.

That aside, I think I'll get started on the menhera shrine pretty soon. One of the reasons I kept the redesign for the site a bit more simplistic is for the ability to more easily create shrines. It looks more plain than the old site did, but I can do so much more in a short amount of time. I do want to keep spicing things up with more graphics and little details. But for now, the base is good and has really saved me a lot of time.